Our Process

Our processes and project management are built around three core Customer Service principles:


  • Quality – that you will enjoy and appreciate for many years.
  • Flexibility – never make you feel pressured to stay with your initial decision – we will let you make changes through the course of the project.
  • Transparency – no hidden costs, you control schedule and expenses – will keep you informed about all related costs and help you stay within the budget.

Below are the highlights of three major stages that make up the life-cycle of every build project:

Stage 1: The Preliminaries

We will meet with you initially and offer a free consultation and a detailed quote.
We will gather your requirements and go to great lengths to understand your needs and wants, both from a practical and the design points of view.
We will discuss schedules and costs, the materials, equipment, techniques and trades to be used.

Furthermore, we will:
  • Obtain and take care of all the necessary city permits.
  • Go through committee of adjustments, negotiate alternatives with city inspectors and take care of all the necessary paperwork, such as:
    • zoning examination
    • preliminary process review application
    • committee of adjustment representation
    • permit application
    • TRCA regulations
  • With your initial input, we will proceed to make the necessary drawings:
    • working drawings
    • heat loss/gain drawings
    • engineering drawings
    • water management drawings
    • design drawings
    • city plan drawings
    • survey drawings

Stage 2: Project Management

Whether you require a complete project management solution, or only need specific areas of support, we will provide tailored solutions to fit your requirements. Regardless of size and complexity of the project, we will be your single point of contact representing and protecting your interests through the entire project.

This means that we will:

  • Manage and deal with contractors.
  • Order and deliver all of the materials.
  • Take care of all the construction contracts.
  • Manage and optimize all of the schedules to ensure a smooth and timely delivery of the project.
  • Manage the site of the project.

Stage 3: Design/Build

Design-Build contracts can take many forms, from guaranteed set price to cost plus, depending solely on the owner’s specific requirements. Monolite Holdings will leverage every aspect of functional and technical requirements based on your needs, expectations and your budget. Our team will take care of such aspects of the build process as:

  • Design control
  • Estimating
  • Engineering
  • Value-engineering
  • Risk management
  • Exterior and interior finishing
  • Interior design
  • Furnishing
  • Staging

Construction Timelines:

The completion times for any build project will vary. However, the presence, or lack-there-of, of the building permits and all the municipal approvals will determine an average length of your build.