Property Management

Monolite Holdings is a Canadian-based and operated company. We provide residential and commercial property management solutions. Our experience is based on our diversified portfolio of condominium, residential, and commercial properties in the Greater Toronto Area. As a full service property management solutions company, our services cover a wide spectrum of solutions that ensure our clients stay worry-free, while we take care of all the needs for their properties. Our services span from construction management to post-construction and regular occupancy management:

  • Construction Project Management
  • Negotiate and prepare site permits and contracts.
  • Manage contractors, trades, and their schedules.
  • Replacement of any contractors that are not meeting the expected standards.
  • Negotiate contractors’ rates.
  • Manage materials.
  • Arrange for regular on-site inspections as often as required.
  • Arrangement of onsite maintenance and repairs.
Property Management
  • Arranging for any maintenance as required
  • Regular on-site inspections, as often as required.
  • Providing quotations for both contractual work and special projects.
  • Negotiating and preparing applicable contracts.
  • Arrangement of onsite maintenance & repairs including the replacement of any contractors that are not meeting the expected standards.
  • Oversight and supervision of minor and major works.
We provide general labour services such as:
  • Carpet /floor cleaning and installation or replacement
  • Duct/exhaust/vent cleaning
  • Electrical services
  • Staging and Furniture rentals
  • Lightening supplies and installation
  • Plumbing/septic services
  • Concrete works and repairs